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It is our pride & privilege to present ourselves as an Organization dedicated to service of those who choose to be in good health. "Homoeopathy" is our prime &  preferred means to help you stay healthy. We started our journey in October,1981. In the past 34 years, we have built...
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We at Bio-Natural Clinic offer comprehensive homoeopathic treatment for all kinds of acute and chronic illnesses by detailed case taking and repertorisation methods. We manage the data of our patients both manually as well as by modern computer software enabling us in efficient follow up of each and every case of our patient. After the first consultation, each patient is asked to reproduce the date of first visit; so that his/her records can be extracted from our files. After subsequent visits, a number will be given to the patient. He/ she only need to give the number to extract his/her file. Maintaining these files help us in tracking the whole medical history of the patient, thus allowing us to be an efficent healthcare service provider to our customers.

For our customers, who aren't able to personally collect the medicines due to the inconvenience of distance, after first two- three consultation, we offer to send the medicines sealed and packed by speed post within India. For patients who are abroad; medicines can be collected from the clinic sealed and packed with declaration to be taken by hand either by the patient themselves or by relatives or friends.

We offer to take care of you and your family at a personal level, taking care of your health and helping you to maintain a balance in this hectic modern day life. We offer to lend a patient ear to all your illnesses and give you the right advice regarding your medical care and proper homoeopathic treatment for them. We offer to serve you with Homoeopathy -the mild yet effective therapeutic system.